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Artist Talk with Dudy Dayan

Dudy Dayan talks about his first online retrospective covering his 17 years as a professional photographer. His insatiable curiosity led him to explore Israel’s secluded religious communities. His compassion and kindness is apparent in the work presented here.

Aimable petite conne

Inspired by Serge Gainsbourg’s song “Histoire de Melody Nelson”. heartbreaking story of a young girl run over by Gainsbourg’s Rolls Royce. Not unlike Gainsbourg, Dayan oscillates between commentary and actor, a duality which is revealed like a hesitant confession.

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

Part of a series on a group of ultra orthodox youth, this work is reminiscent of Rineke Dijkstra’s contemporary take on the genre of portraiture. This image is inspired by one of the most controversial films of all time, Kids, by photographer-turned-director Larry Clark and acclaimed writer Harmony Korine.

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

I asked: What is your “A…HA…” moment, when you see the frame in your mind? It comes very naturally, he says, almost like at the end of a great date where both people spontaneously kiss. It just feels right. I couldn’t agree more. It feels right, but, somehow, all his clichés seem carefully and painstakingly produced, the lighting perfected, the composition finely curated…

The Three Stooges

Going through his archives, I found an entire queer universe of “pirandellesques” characters whose humanity he captures with kindness and grace. Far from being a voyeur, Dudy’s positivity transpires through his empathetic lens.

Breakfast with Louise

Louise Moillon (1610–1696) was a French still life painter in the Baroque era. She became known as one of the best still life painters of her time, as her work was purchased by King Charles I of England, as well as French nobility. Moillon’s most famous paintings often depict strawberries and cherries. This image is an homage to one of the first female artists, at a time that women who painted were frowned upon. Art was exclusively reserved to men.


Gymnopédies are a series of three piano pieces composed by Erik Satie in 1888. Called after an ancient Spartan festival where young men would train unencumbered by clothes, the piece oozes homoerotism. A sort of calm rhythm punctuated by beautiful chords. Queerness underscores much of Dudy’s images, whether ultra orthodox kids, or shirtless muscle boys. Dayan who is straight explains this by his acute esthetic acumen that he defines in reference to the popular TV show, as a queer eye.

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