In Israel, as in the rest of the world, the last decade in art witnessed the strong rise of young contemporary artists.
Contemporary Israeli art crosses many boundaries, and has very naturally attracted the attention of world-renowned art institutions. Israeli artists have gained worldwide exposure through their highly regarded achievements. They are standing out at international exhibitions, and featuring in major museums, high profile galleries and auction houses.
Our selection of works from nine reputable artists is a reflexion on the artistic emergence from the last decade. It is indeed an Explosion, as is the number of Israeli artists enjoying international success. In this profusion of talents nurtured by the excellent art schools, we have chosen pieces that in our mind burst with this explosive energy. Israel is too often assimilated with the conflict that defines it. However, our ambition was to take a look beyond those initial obvious images into the artistic and creative explosion going on today in Israel. Here, “Explosion” refers to a blast of colors, lines and notions; an outburst in movement, energy and desire.

The exhibiting artists are a rising new force, several of whom boast outstanding accomplishments. Lee Yanor, had a major solo show at the Modern Museum of Taipei, and her famous ‘Coffee with Pina’ video piece is extensively shown in Europe and the Far East. Yifat Bezalel’s work is now part of the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
Yair Barak has got into the prestigious MFA program of Bard College in New York.
Israeli artists create a universal and vibrant language in various mediums. They are constantly dealing with issues of borders, identity and relevance. Individually and collectively they create art that reflects their roots while simultaneously evoking universal concerns and portraying narratives of contemporary life. The body of works exhibited here creates a blend that stimulates the eye and challenges the mind.
While providing you with a taste of the art scene flourishing in Israel, the aim of this project is to expose talented Israeli artists to the hub of the Geneva art scene, with its art-loving crowd. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

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