Artist News Yifat Bezalel & Daniel Tchetchik

Shipless Oceans – Yifat Bezalel & Daniel Tchetchik

Opening of “Shipless Oceans”, a joint exhibition of works by Yifat Bezalel and Daniel Tchetchik, on Thursday, October 28th from 6PM.

The exhibition showcases the artists’ recent works in an intimate space where seemingly unrelated works paint a common poetic song. It is rare to show drawing and photography together.

When Yifat Bezalel and Daniel Tchetchik decided to work on this exhibition, it felt completely natural, both aesthetically and narratively, almost essential, being both renowned artists in their own fields and hyper sensitive human beings. The idea came after a long period of creative introspection. Both artists delved into their past works and revisited their esthetic references in a new light or rather a new darkness.

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