Artist News Rafael Y. Herman

ESSE - New Rafael Y. Herman Exhibition

Palazzo Sant’Elia, Palermo

I am pleased to share with you details of a new Rafael Y. Herman solo exhibition, ESSE, at the beautiful Fondazione Sant’Elia, Palermo.

Israel born artist, Rafael Y. Herman, has developed over the last fifteen years a practice that illuminates darkness by employing photography as a medium. Herman’s work engages in a deep and subtle dialogue with what is invisible.

The exhibition, ESSE, hosted at the main floor of the seventeen century Palazzo Sant’Elia, showcases a selection of existing works that have been displayed in various museums and are held in private collections alongside a newly created series specific to Sicily. The exhibition includes a Public Programme throughout its duration, for more details, click here.

Concerned with the issue of light pollution, in this series Herman seeks out pristine locations in the deep of night, where artificial light does not alter visual perception and then illuminates darkness by adopting long exposure techniques.

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