Sideline is a project by artist hanna sahar portraying a series of photographs created especially for this show.Hanna Sahar is an Israeli photographer who has exhibited widely in museums in Israel and across Europe. Over the years she was the recipient of numerous art prizes, the most recent being the minister of education and culture 2014 prize. Sahar’s works figure in important private and institutional collections both in Israel and abroad. Caught through the sensitive lens of hanna Sahar, the subjects in sideline series include local identified vistas as well as various unique views of sceneries and objects. The images are infused with poetic sensibility and a distinguished sensitivity to light, and are reminiscent of works from the 19th century from the era of the birth of photography. Echoing the idea of Peter Marom from the 1940’s and 50’s, whose photographs were sold in local department stores with the philosophy of being accessible to all, Sahar wanted to create a new series, which would be affordable to a large number of people. The photographs in this project will thus be produced as an unlimited, numbered edition, stamped and signed by the artist at the back.

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