Dudy Dayan’s body of work “Scoptophilia”. The gallery has been renowned, in recent years, as a home for cutting edge, young artists on the scene. Dayan is an established and valued fashion photographer, whose works have always been viewed as a different flavour in the Israeli photography world Dayan won the 2007 America-Israel cultural foundation’s excellence scholarship. Dayan has been working on this ongoing series since 2017. Focusing on young religious orthodox Jews, Dayan shows oft hidden traits of this community, its humanity. Dudy’s work is particularly striking in the sense of trust and intimacy with the subject. Often shy and recluse, orthodox Jews rarely let outsiders into their world. Dayan strips his subjects of their religious layers and exposes their raw beauty. Dayan truthful and honest lens embraces the subject beyond the social preconceptions, free of all expectation, judgement or commentary. As an artist, Dayan manages to make the extremely specific into the widely universal.


Born in israel, 1977.
Freelance photographer, works and lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2005-2006 Minshar school of arts, photography dep.
2002-2005 Camera Obscura school of arts, photography dep.

2006/7- Excellence scholarship from the America-Israel Culture Foundation
2004- Second place winner in the photo competition for the magazine “Contact” named “Adom”.

2019 – fashion and magazines at Minshar school of arts, photography dep.

2021 – Solo exhibition “UNORTHODOX”, Mirav Katri
2020 – Solo “online” exhibition,”Scoptophilia”, Artsy.net
2018 – Group exhibition, Tehoma Raba, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem
2017 – Group exhibition, Nude,Naked , Cuckoos Nest, Tel Aviv
2015 – Group exhibition, Experiences Art fair, Paris
2014 – Group exhibition, Tel aviv photo, Tel aviv
2013 – Group exhibition, Tel aviv Photo fair, Tel aviv
2013 – Group exhibition, ‘From Teheran to Tel aviv’, Caprice gallery, Tel aviv
2012 – Group exhibition, International Photography Festival , Yaffo port
2012 – Solo exhibition, ‘Lost In’, Coningsby gallrey, London
2012 – Group exhibition, Secret art 6, beit meni
2012 – Group exhibition, ‘Face of a state’ Central gallery, Tel aviv central
2012 – Group exhibition, Young artists, Libak museum, Bat Yam
2011 – Solo exhibition, ‘Songs’, Coningsby gallery, London
2010 – Group exhibition, Calling the flag, gallery studio 20.
2010 – Group exhibition, Secret art 5, beit meni.
2010 – Group exhibition, Expose, maxim.
2009 – Solo exhibition, Pri Hagefen, Neve Tsedek, tel-aviv.
2009 – Group exhibition, ‘Inside Israel’, Shanghai China.
2009 – Group exhibition, Secret art, beit meni
2009 – Group exhibition, ‘Longing’, Shmone gallery, Tel aviv.
2009 – Group exhibition, future repertoire, beit meni.
2008 – Group exhibition, Secret art, beit meni.
2008 – Group exhibition, Future Memory, Dana Gallery.
2008 – Group exhibition, Fresh Rendezvous, Yaffo Art Museum.
2008 – Group exhibition, benefit event for Girgurim Cat Sanctuary.
2008 – Group exhibition, ‘Alchol’, Bat-Yam gallery.
2008 – Group exhibition, “Israeli Labor”, House of congress,Haifa, Beit asia, Tel-Aviv.
2008 – Group exhibition, Fresh Paint, contemporary art fair.
2007 – Solo exhibition, “Deep Sorrow”, Ben Gurion University.
2007 – Solo exhibition, “Noname”, Alternative Art Gallery
2007 – The America-Israel Culture foundation winners exhibition, Tel Aviv University.
2007 – Group exhibition, “Blind date”, culture art project
2007 – Group exhibition, Secret art, beit meni.
2006 – Group exhibition, “anonymouse”, art residence, Haifa University
2004 – Group exhibition, Zman Digitaly, “Adom”

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